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Thank you Karnival and team for such an amazing BTS lightstick pocket diary ❤. The quality is good and it has a nice glossy shine on the front cover. I also love that it has multi coloured pages 😍. The best part is that, if you don't have a lightstick you can wave this BTS lightstick pocket diary and cheer on BTS# brokearmy. Thank you so much for the freebies 🎁 Definitely one of the best and affordable store for all k-pop and k-drama stan 💜💜💜and I must say that they have a very friendly and beautiful customer service😍. All the best👍🏻

Lots of love and wishes 💜 💜💜

Farheen Naaz Subedar

I bought this weekly planner from Karnival and I am falling for it. It is so helpful for me as it is my board year 😩 so i was in a need of a utility based planner and trust me it's really helpful.

Ishleen Kaur

I've been searching for a journal notebook with affordable price and awesome quality and ofcourse with BTS logo or BTS related pictures, but I couldn't find any and then I found Karnival. I really appreciate you! And I'm so glad to receive the product with good quality ; seriously the paper is so good in quality . I'll highly suggest you buy these products and they'll also give you the product with a beautiful photocard. Totally love it and highly recommend you to buy 💫


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Karnival is a content and lifestyle based e-commerce platform that is creating a safe ecosystem for K-Culture enthusiasts in India whilst promoting IndiaxKorea's relationship through its distinguished set of merchandise. We hope to make your fandom experience easy and of quality.

When you hold a Karnival merch, you hold not just a product but an emotion that represents our love for Korea.