11 Famous Artists in K-pop who are NOT KOREAN!

11 Famous Artists in K-pop who are NOT KOREAN!

K-pop has been famous among people nowadays and ever so often new fans tend to think that K-pop only hosts idols that are born in Korea. Today, we are here to break that mis-conception and take you through, a list of idols who are foreigners.

1. Lisa 

Lisa Manoban is a member of the BLACKPINK group that made its debut in 2016. Lisa is from Thailand but came to Korea as she wanted to become an idol. She is the main rapper and dancer of the group. She is known for her sassy and dynamic rap style that will definitely make you fall in love with rapping. 

2. Rosé 

Roseanne Chae-young Park known better by the name Rosé is also a member of the group BLACKPINK under the YG entertainment. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand. At the age of 7, she moved to Australia and was raised there. She is the main vocalist and the lead dancer of the group. In 2021, she made her solo debut with the song "on the ground" which won the heart of her fans. 

3. Huening Kai 

Kai Kamal Huening also known as only Kai is the member and maknae of the group TXT that made its debut recently in 2019. He is the rapper and dancer of TXT. Huening's kai is half Korean and half American. He was born and brought up in America. Kai speaks three languages fluently Korean, English and Mandarin. He was born in Hawaii in the USA and moved to Korea at the age of 10.

4. Felix 

Felix is an Australian rapper. He is a member of the group Stray Kids under JYP who are known for their strong beats and fast pace songs. Felix was born and grew up in seven hills, Sydney and moved to Seoul to train to become an idol. Felix is known for his husky voice and his amazing rapping style. Besides that, the artist is also famous for his adorable freckles and beautiful visuals.

5. Jackson 

Jackson Wang is a member of the group GOT7. His real name is Wang Ka-Ye. He is from Hong Kong and was born in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. He is the lead rapper, lead dance and sub vocalist of the group. He is famous for his kind nature and witty personality. 

7. Sana

Sana Minatozaki known as Sana is a member of the group Twice which made its debut under JYP in 2015. Sana is from Japan. She is known for her bubbly personality. She is the vocalist and main dancer twice. She passed the audition and joined the JYPE trainee program in April 2012.

8. Lucas 

Wang Yu-He is a Hong Kong rapper known for his stage name Lucas. He is a member of the famous group NCT and also a member of its sub-unit WayV, NCT U and Super M. The group made its debut in 2018 under SM Entertainment. He is the rapper, lead dancer and sub-vocalist of the above groups. 

9. Momo

Momo Hirai known as Momo is a member of Twice. She is Japanese. she was born in Kyoto, Japan. She is nicknamed "dance machine" by her fans. She is a sub-vocalist, rapper and main dancer of Twice. Momo passed her audition on April 13, 2012 however she was eliminated in Ep. 6 of Sixteen. Since she has amazing dancing skills, J.Y. Park decided to add her as twice member.

10. Mina 

Mina Myoi is also a member of the famous group Twice. She is Japanese, however, was born in the United States. She was voted the 20th most popular idol in South Korea in 2019. She is the main dancer and the sub-vocalist of the group. 

11. Tzuyu

Chou Tzu-Yu is again a member of the group Twice. She is from Taiwan and is the only Taiwanese member of the group. She was trained in JYP for three years before she made her debut. She is the lead dancer, sub vocalist and also the visual of the group. 

12. Niki

Nishimura Niki mononymously known as Niki is the member and maknae of the group Enhypen. He is Japanese and was born in Okayama, Japan. He made his debut after he passed the reality survivor show I-land and ranked four. He was named the Island's no.1 dancer. He is the vocalist and rapper of the group.

How surprised were you to see your favourite idols in the list? Comment below and let us know.

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