All about Sriya or Shreya Lenka: India's first K-pop Indian idol trainee to join BLACKSWAN?

All about Sriya or Shreya Lenka: India's first K-pop Indian idol trainee to join BLACKSWAN?

Recently a name was storming over the internet of every Indian k-pop fan. It was a huge surprise for the Indian K-pop fans. You all must know who we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about Shreya Lenka the fifth member of the group "BLACKSWAN"


She made an achievement that many people have always dreamed to accomplish. She made the dream of most of the k-pop fans being an idol came true for herself. But do we know the story behind her achievement or how she reached where she's today? 

Hold onto your horses as Muskan Rahaman from Karnival takes you through this SENSATION!


Shreya Lenka is an Indian K-pop trainee who went famous for competing and becoming the fifth member of the first K-pop African American girl group Black Swan.  

Shreya Lenka was born on September 15, 2003, in Rourkela, Odisha. She's 18 years old. Her favourite k-pop boy band groups are EXO, BTS and her favourite K-pop girl band groups are BLACKPINK and RaNia. Her favourite singer is PSY.


Shreya was always interested in music as she grew up. However, it was hard for her to find a music teacher when she was young because of her deep voice. As she wanted to learn music so her grandmother arranged for a classical music teacher for her. Under whom she would practice twice a week, but that's not all she also learned western vocals by herself with the help of online videos. She was also interested in dancing. She had been training in dance since she was in Kindergarten. It was in 2016, that she started taking her dance classes seriously. According to her parents, she would go to her dance classes after her school and would never return before 9 P.M.  


Shreya's interest in K-pop started to grow when one of her friends showed her the MV "GROWL", the song of the famous k-pop boy band EXO. Soon she become interested in K-pop and started searching for other artists such as PSY, Blackpink, BTS, and Rania. She started wishing to become an idol herself. 

It was in 2021 when she started to give online K-pop auditions after a friend recommend it to her. She gave her first audition during the first lockdown in India but couldn't make it but she remembered the positive reviews she received and kept working hard. After clearing her 10th grade, she even took a year off from her school to focus on her vocals, her English diction and understanding Korean. At the same time, she also opened her youtube channel. 


She auditioned for numerous South Korean entertainment companies but got rejected. Even after a lot of rejections multiple times, she didn't stop. She even said that "with each audition, I tried to improve myself by monitoring the videos."

Soon, she came across the global audition of DR Music for the K-pop girl group Black Swan's fifth member.

The black swan is a South Korean girl group under DR Music. The group made their debut in October 2020, with three Rania members (former group under DR) Leia, Youngheun and Hyema and two new members, Judy and Fatou. A controversy was raised around the member Hyema and in November 2020 it was announced by DR Music that she left the group because of the expiration of her contract and the controversy. 

In May 2021 the company announced the global audition.

She took part in the audition and won the first round with 22 other participants out of 4000 applicants all around the world. 


For the second round, she practised day and night and was selected among the four members who would compete as the trainee under the company. Within those four members, two members quit and left Shreya and Gabriela Dalcin to compete for the position of fifth member. Shreya departed for South Korea in December 2021 for the sixth month of training. 

It was on May 26, when DR Music made an official statement about the returning of the group BLACK SWAN with two new members Shreya and Gabriela joining the group. The agency mentioned that “Sriya and Gabi were finally selected as members of black swan after participating in the global audition program for the last 6 months. With their debut, we will be back with the new Blackswan.”

It was said by the DR Music Entertainment's Korea director Philip YJ Yoon that during the audition process both Lenka and Dalcin worked well together. “They showed us very positive energy when sticking together and achieving each of the assignments they needed to overcome. It was one of the reasons we decided not to separate them,” Director Yoon told this PTI (Press Trust Of India) in an email interaction.




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I want to make a k-pop idol

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I want to make a k-pop idol

Mahak Vilas Raut

After audition do we have to go korea by own or they will help us by financial and how many categories do we have to pass…please answer me :)

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