10 highly rated Netflix Korean series to watch in 2022

10 highly rated Netflix Korean series to watch in 2022

During the Hallyu wave, many things changed however one of the things that excited  K-drama lovers the most was the availability of K-dramas and Korean series on OTT platform such as Netflix. 

Netflix streams multiple shows/dramas/movies on its platform which can make users feel overwhelmed with the vast number of choices available. Today we are here to tone it down for you and share only the best of the best! Continue to read if you wish to learn about the "10 highly rated Netflix Korean dramas" that you must watch in 2022 written by Muskan Rahaman.

1. Hometown cha cha 

Hometown Cha cha cha poster

This drama is about a big city girl and a small village boy. The girl Yoon Hye-Jin is a dentist, the role was played by (Shin Min-a), who has moved to a seaside village where she meets Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon-ho), who lives in that village. The villagers call him chief Hong. Wherever villagers need him he's always ready to go for it. 

But what will happen when a city girl meets a village boy. It is one of the best romantic comedy series that you should watch on Netflix. It's also become one of the highest-rated series in cable television history. 


2. All of us are dead


This story is based on the zombie apocalypse. Where the zombie apocalypse starts at a school and spread all over the city. Almost most of the city has been infected and huge destruction has been caused. However, there are some students trapped in the school who are fighting every moment to survive. 

But will all of them be able to get out of the school safely, where hundreds of zombies are walking around? 

If you are looking for a thrilling, horror series I would tell that you should go for this series. Not only the story is full of horror and suspense but it's also addictive. Once you start watching it there's no way you will stop yourself.


3. Squid game


We all know how capitalism dominated today's world. This story goes for the same. Where the reality of society has been tried to show through a game. 

This series is about 456 contestants who are in a deep financial crisis and are struggling every day to meet their daily needs. It is when they are invited to play a game by an unknown person. They play a deadly game to win  38 million dollars. However, out of 456 people, there will be only one winner. 

But who will be that one survivor? 

This series has been a real hit on Netflix.

It was 2021's most watched series on Netflix. 

4. Crash landing on you


People search for love but have every love crash landed on you. If you want to know how then go and watch the drama.

Yoon se-RI (Son ye -jin) is an heiress in south Korea. One day while paragliding because of a  strong wind she was led to the border of North Korea. Where she meets Ri Jeong hook (Hyun Bin)  a respectable military captain. 

She slowly falls in love with Ri Jeong hook but at the same time, she must return to her home in South Korea. Will she be able to hide her love and return her home and never meet again or there will be another twist in the story. 


5. Vincenzo


The world of the mafia is different from an ordinary person isn't it? If I tell you about a mafia consigliere who happens to fall in love with a lawyer can you imagine it? 

Vincenzo (Song Join-Ki)  is a Korean-Italian lawyer and a mafia consigliere. He has been adopted as the son of the boss of the Cassano family. He visits Korea and somehow got involved with the Jipuragi law firm. Where he meets Hong Cha young ( Jeon Yeo bin ) an ambitious prosecutor and slowly falls in love with her. 


6. My Name


My Name is crime & action series later followed by suspense and thrilling. 

The story is about a girl Yoon Ji Wo ( Han So Hee) who to find and take revenge on her father's murderer puts her trust in a powerful boss of the DDongchengcrime syndicate headed by Choi Mu-Jin (Park Hee-Soon) and enters the police force with fake identity under his orders. 

This series is worth watching. What makes the series unique is that here the female lead is a hero who's trying to avenge her father's murder. 


7. It's okay not to be okay


Mental health is important, isn't it? However, sometimes we neglect our trauma and bruises. 

It's okay not to be okay is a story about Moon Kang Tae ( Kim Soo-Hyun )  who works in a psychiatric ward and takes care of his brother Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung-Se) who's not mentally stable and Ko Moon-young (Seo Yea Ji) who's a popular writer of children's literature. But suffering from an antisocial personality seems extremely rude, selfish and arrogant. 

The drama shows how mental health is important and how our pasts sometimes can leave a bruise on us. It shows how we should face our trauma to overcome it and healing is a process that takes time.  


8. Hospital Playlist


The story is about 5 doctors in their 40s who have best friends since they entered medical school. 

Lee Ik-Jun is a gastric surgeon who's Specialised in liver transplants and has a young son; Chae Song-Hwa is the only female in the group and she's a brain surgeon. Kim Jun-Wan is a heart surgeon who sometimes acts coldly towards his patients. Ahn Jeong-Won is a very caring paediatric surgeon, who has an alternate plan to become a priest. Last but not least is Yang Seok-Hyeong, he's very gentle and he cares deeply about his mother.

Their field of work is different from each other however they share the same dedication to helping and saving their patients which helps them to tighten their bonds more. 


9. Itaewon Class


This story is about park saeroyi (Park Seo-Joon) join who's life was turned up and down when he was expelled from his high school after he got into a fight with the son of a CEO and after that when his father got killed during an accident. 

His aim became to follow his father's footsteps he wants to open a pocha (sit-down bar with food) named DanBam and turn it into the biggest Korean food company and destroy his enemies.


10. Mr. Sunshine


It's a story about a boy Choi Eugene (Lee Byung-hun)   who ends up in the US after 1871 and returns to Korea as an officer of the US Marines. In Korean, he meets Go Ae-shin (Kim Tae Ri) an aristocrat's daughter and fell in love with her. But soon he discovers that the foreigners are setting up a plot to colonize Korea. 

Mr. Sunshine was awarded the "Drama of the year" in 2018.

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