BTS Butter Memopad

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✨Smooth like Butter ✨

Take a piece of BTS with yourself wherever you go.

Ideal for writing down notes, thoughts & ideas, passing cheats to friend, or just about anything! Pocket friendly is key.

Flaunt your adoration for BTS by having our high-quality notebook in your collection because this is not just a kpopmerch or notebook but an emotion that makes everyday beautiful and golden.

If you love BTS or cute stationery then it's a perfect addition to your kpop merch fandom collection.

In-house original design made with 💜 by our Daebak aka super awesome design team


Size: 3 x 3 inches 

Binding: Pad Bound

Page Type: 100 GSM; Blank; Maplitho Paper

No. of Pages: 50

Please Note: Colours may slightly vary depending on your screen brightness. 

Actual product specifications may vary +/-10%

Note by the K-Design Team:

Countless sleepless nights, creative burnouts, a gazillion reiterations, lots of k-pop, and k-drama OST, and a few months later here we are with our designs. 

PS: Huge shoutout to our audience for co-creating products with us and helping us on this journey.

We hope you enjoy them!

Freebies included.

© Disclaimer: 

All rights and ownership of song belong to BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, HYBE and any other rightful owners. Illustrations are inspired by them and created by Karnival.