Top 5 Trending K-pop Groups in India 2022

Top 5 Trending K-pop Groups in India 2022

The K-pop wave sweeping the whole world took over our nation ever more so during the pandemic. From Instagram reels to Spotify subscriptions had all gone off the charts solely because of the Hallyu wave. The K-impact had visibly led to a massive change in the lives of people of all ages and gender. 

Recently, people have been interested in Korean culture, language, foods, drama, and whatnot. But with that people have also been crazy and enthusiastic about K-pop. Indians love K-pop idols, their songs, lyrics and their fandom to the core. But, have you ever found yourself wondering about the groups that have been trending in India? Let's find out.

1. BTS


BTS, short for Bangtan Sonyeondan (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) consists of 7 members that made their debut in 2013. Their fandom is known as "ARMY".

The group has always been infamous for its deep lyrics and melodious songs. But, in 2020, they took over the heart of a huge number of Indians with their song Dynamite and boomed all over India. Not long after that in 2021, their album "Butter" was loved widely by the Indian ARMYs. Butter achieved the biggest Spotify debut of all time and the Indian ARMYs played an important role in making that possible. As pointed out by fans on social media that India was the second in the top three countries that contributed to the Spotify streams.

BTS has surpassed 2.6 Billion streams on Spotify in 2022. The group has more than 25 Billion views on youtube and on a daily average receives more than 10 million views overall.

After that, during their concerts in Las Vegas, the group made their comeback and their Anthology album "Proof" took the ARMYs on a journey that they could have never anticipated enough. 

Fun Facts

  1. ARMY Stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth.
  2. Suga was an underground rapper.
  3. Jungkook chose Big hit entertainment because of RM.
  4. RM learned English by watching "F.R.I.E.N.D.S."
  5. Jungkook wanted to be a Tattoo artist.

2. EXO


EXO made their debut in 2012 and are also known as the Nation's Pick in South Korea.

It is a group of 9 members however currently 3 members are enlisted in the military serving the country. Being a group from one of the giant companies, SM Entertainment, EXO had always topped the charts with their catchy beats, angelic vocals and wild choreographies. As of May 2020, they had recorded 120 songs. The group gained extreme popularity worldwide through their 5th album "Love shot" that had been released in 2018. But the song slowly started trending in India in 2021 through a dance challenge in reels when a lot of people got to know more about EXO. 

The popular Indian singer, Arman Malik, did not manage to escape their magic as when asked about his favourite K-Pop group, also revealed his likeliness towards EXO. The group currently has over 8.9 million followers on Spotify and approximately 4.5 million monthly listeners worldwide.

Fun Facts

  1. Chanyeol invented EXO's hexagon logo.
  2. They performed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
  3. CHEN has a phobia of public speaking.
  4. Kai has a lucky bracelet that has been given to him by his parents.
  5. They're is in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  6. EXO's leader, Suho, visited India.



BLACKPINK is a girl group consisting of 4 members who are known for their beautiful vocals and swaggy rap style. Their songs are known for having raw & sharp lyrics with powerful dance moves. 

In 2021 they became the most followed artists on youtube with 70 million subscribers. In February, they surpassed 5.8 Billion streams on Spotify. 

Most of their songs from the past still remain beloved by the stans. "Lovesick girls"  is the last song released by the group in 2021 since then they haven't made any comeback. However, the members have released their solo songs which were trending for a while and even hit the billboard's chart. 

Fun Facts

  1. Their group name "BLACKPINK" actually represents "pretty isn't everything"
  2. BLACKPINK members are fluent in multiple languages.
  3. Lisa’s birth name is Pranpriya Manoban, she legally changed her name.
  4. Jennie studied in New Zealand between the age of 8-13.
  5. Rose auditioned for BLACKPINK because of her dad.
  6. Jisoo likes to making songs on the spot.



The group TWICE made their debut under JYP entertainment in 2015 with 9 young girls. Twice’s fandom is known as "Once". The name has been illustrated by the members' statement "If you love us even once, we will repay your love with twice of our love" on social media in 2015. Last year their new track "Alcohol-free" received great love from Once and  India ranked number 2 among TWICE's top streamers. All of TWICE songs are bops and even if you are a new K-pop stan, you’d still know at least five of their songs.

TWICE has surpassed 3 Billion Streams on Spotify in 2021 and has 9.3 million monthly listeners. According to Kworb Twice have more than 10 billion views on Youtuber while they gain nearly 5 million views on a daily average. 

Fun Facts

  1. TWICE has the nickname Tdoongie, which means T-newborn. That's because TWICE was the youngest group to debut under JYP at that time.
  2. Some of TWICE members made appearances in GOT7's music video
  3. Tzuyu‘s awesome skateboarding inspired a game designer to create a game.
  4. TWICE and Gfriend members are friends. They debuted in the same year, 2015.

5. TXT


TXT stands for Tomorrow X Together and is pronounced as Tomorrow by Together. It is a group of five members formed under Big-Hit Music. Their fandom is referred to as MOA; Moment Of Always.

They made their debut on 4th March 2019, with the album “The Dream Chapter: Star”. Being rookies at the time didn’t stop them from topping the iTunes Top Album chart among the 40 territories. Their music video for Crown also received 15.1 Million views within the 24 hours of release.

They are also known for being the fastest K-pop group to debut at Number 1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artist, World Album & World Digital Song Sales Charts. Recently, they made their comeback with their album “Minisode 2: Thursday’s child” where the title track “Good Boy Gone Bad” surpassed more than 24 Million views on youtube. 

Fun Facts

  1. Yeonjun was the first member to be revealed.
  2. Soobin aka the leader has super elastic cheeks and a neck.
  3. Kai, the maknae is the first foreigner to debut under Big Hit music.
  4. Yeonjun lived in the USA for two years.
  5. Beomgyu is currently attending the Hanlim-Multi-Arts school.
  6. Taehyun has been described as mature by the other members.

What do you think about these groups? If there was another spot on this list for the "sixth most trending k-pop group in India" who would you choose? Comment below.

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