New K-dramas on Netflix to Stream in 2022 - Mini Review

New K-dramas on Netflix to Stream in 2022 - Mini Review


This year has been no less than magic in the K-Drama world and Netflix seems to be the one holding the wand.

After the success of All Of Us Are Dead, Netflix has been airing absolute gems for K-Dramas and if you are looking for the right Drama to start romanticising with, here are our reviews of the on-air Netflix K-Dramas.

Forecasting Love And Weather



If you didn’t get your share of office romances from the k-Industry what were you even doing!?

Park Min Young is back after making all of us fall in love with her roles as Secretary Kim and a dashing art curator in previous same genre dramas only this time she has entered with a bang playing the role of a frosty director, the youngest one to hold a position at that.

The male protagonists has made millions of hearts throb all across the globe with his painstaking charms and visuals! Song Kang boasts the role of a free spirited, intelligent employee in Min Young’s office.

The couple crosses paths in a very beautifully unusual way and the drama revolves around the romantic relationship they share while working for the Korean Weather Forecasting Service. The real story though lies behind separating one’s love and professional life, and all of us are aware about how Park Min Young has a degree in “secret” preferably office relationships. (Reference to Her private life and What’s wrong with secretary Kim). The drama unravels a new aspect every week at a steady pace to keep the viewers hooked! Hoping for the picture perfect ending these beautiful characters deserve.

Thirty Nine 

Gone are the days when women needed help ''escaping'' from the societal norms, the world has become one, it is all about equality and empowerment.

The k-industry which always keeps up with the trends now, has come up with its own version of showing what women are capable of doing alone.

A very simple drama with nothing too hard to believe, the story goes on about the normal lives of three STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and INDEPENDENT women who have been friends since they were eighteen.

Main-cast-actors-Kim-Ji-hyun-Son-Ye-jin-and-Jeon-Mi-do-in-Thirty-FiveThe show focuses on the day-to-day lives of these friends and how they tackle the “normal” kind of problems that come their way with the benefit of viewing a wholesome friendship and beauty in the process of finding love. The star cast played by the great faces of the k-drama industry does ample justice to the storyline! As the story advances we can see the wider vision behind the making of this drama, you’ll be able to appreciate how maturely the emotions (as trivial as they come) are handled and portrayed.

The drama also tip toes around sensitive topics like terminal illness, adoption and more trying to shine the light of normalcy upon it. All in all the drama is bound to have an amazing ending packed with so many life lessons we never knew we’d need.

Twenty Five Twenty One 


It is very rare in the k-drama world that a love story is build along the ambition of the people involved. This drama specifically revolves around a teen fencer who with a lot of determination is adamant on making her life meaningful with achieving goals that she’s set up as a fencer and a young boy who tries to get his life together while his family suffers through the great financial loss and goes bankrupt.


The drama revolves more (till now) on the effect, rather the healing effect, friendships and attractions bring to a person’s life. Going through all these different world hardships, fighting their own wars alone yet together, is what make this drama really one of a kind. As the drama goes on it unravels various aspects of hard work, the sense of longing and what it feels like to have everything but feel nothing with the contrast of having nothing and feeling everything.

This drama is bound to have an amazing ending, a non expected one at that. A must watch drama, we highly recommend.

You might not have the wild romance of Forecasting Weather and Love or the beautiful emotional journey of Twenty-Five Twenty-One but the exciting part is that you can just switch the apps on your phone and live the best the small screen has to offer through these healing Dramas. After all, what even is exam season without the K-Drama all-nighters?

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