Meet and Greet with the characters of Twenty Five Twenty One

Meet and Greet with the characters of Twenty Five Twenty One

The drama is set in the 90s and revolves around the lives of Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do, fighting the battle that the world had put them through- the battle of dreams.

On their journey to finding their dreams and fulfilling them, they find each other holding on to each other as they push each other a little closer to their dreams.


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We are sure by now you would have either seen the drama or Instagram would have shown you 100000 clips and review carousels on the drama. Therefore, we would not bore you with the same repeated content however we would talk about the not-so-spoken-off - THE CHARACTERS!

The beauty of this drama is not just the cinematography, but also the characters. The passionate characters that you rarely find in dramas these days. Their  relatability along with their playfulness is the perfect match for us to gear up and start dreaming because no matter what, that is the only thing gravitational enough to mould our lives for the better.

Baek Yi Jin


The character written for the former heartthrob Habaek Nam Joo Hyuk is really one of a kind. You’d naturally think it is a common “riches to rags” protagonist who finds his way to success in a time-lapse of the time it takes for him to establish himself again, finding the love of his life in the process of course. But seeing how the drama is engaging people we’d love to say that you couldn’t be more wrong.

The drama instead of focusing on the chaebol life Baek Yi Jin lead, focuses on what he went through when everything went downhill. You’ll miss the glories his character enjoys as the firstborn in a rich household. The writer has very conveniently skipped that, putting scenes of separation of the entire family and how he deals with the aftermath of the IMF crisis.


Being only a college student, his character starts off as a newspaper delivery boy, getting his hands on all the odd jobs he can do with the qualifications of a college dropout, doing his best, living to make ends meet and supporting his younger brother. This drama is packed with emotion-filled scenes of the protagonist facing rejection and being held responsible for all the mistakes his father made. Nam Joo Hyuk with his compelling acting skills draws you towards the role he plays so much that you’ll find your heart aching for him a little too often in the series. But the sky does get sunny at a point in the drama where Baek Yi Jin lands a job as a journalist, an amazing one at that, and reunites to ignite the flare he shares with the female protagonist.

Na Hee Do


When you think of a protagonist written as a teenager your mind immediately goes on building a character, probably in high school with no worries in the world, with the biggest concern of thinking about a trivial love angle and finding peace in the company of friends. We hate to break your bubble here and would politely ask you to scratch this entire image from your head.

Kim Tae Ri has time and again proven her exceptional acting skills in countless dramas and movies which have left the audience in awe. In this very drama, she plays a role of a fencing prodigy who has hit a rough patch and finds it really difficult in getting back on track with her goals and ambitions.


The drama starts by introducing her as an average school girl whose life revolves around fencing and finding the right kind of motivation to keep up with it. This particular character is written so beautifully, this is probably the only character we’ve come across in a k-drama where a person finds the right kind of push by admiring someone’s hard work and success.

Na Hee Do is shown to be very fond and a huge admirer of a gold medalist fencer who is also a high school student like her and excels as an athlete. When the IMF crisis takes away Hee Do’s fencing club she makes it a point to change her fate herself by not backing down, not even once, and changing schools to go live in the world of her idol. The female and male protagonists have these intricately webbed moments in the midst of this series which doesn’t let the chemistry between them die but not more to shift the beautiful plot to a typical romance drama. The very inexperienced and new to love Na Hee Do with the positive presence and support of Baek Yi Jin continues to work hard towards her goal.


Other characters

Ko Yu Rim


This character is in a true sense the perfect kind of support you’d expect from a supportive role. Yu Rim who seems to be a perfect and happy-go-lucky girl has deeper issues in her life that the people immediately overlook. When Hee Do finds out that her idol isn’t the person she made her be, not the friendly, kind girl she idolised most of her adolescent years, she drives this newfound hate towards excelling as an athlete. Instead of being taken aback by the rocks, Yu Rim threw at her she saw it as an opportunity to become extremely motivated and pursue the ambitions she set for herself as a fencer. Yu Rim’s character very quickly changes from the protagonists’ idol to her one and only nemesis, and the most positive one at that.

Moon Ji Woong and Ji Seung Wan


These characters are written to maintain the playfulness of the drama that the main leads sometimes fail to portray. Ji Woong is the popular guy of the school who has a crush on Yu Rim and Seung Wan is the class president, an exceptionally smart girl who has no worries except excelling and getting accepted into college. These characters liven up the plot of the drama at times with the teenage innocence and adding more substance to certain scenes stirring the drama in the right direction.

We hope you enjoy the journey of these characters just as much as we do. Let us know about your dreams in the comment section below and tune in this Sunday for more blogs like this.

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