"Again My Life" A Drama WORTH Binging on or NOT?

"Again My Life" A Drama WORTH Binging on or NOT?

Dramas always lift our mood, don't they? We watch dramas whenever we want to take a break. We often get butterflies watching a romantic scene but today we are not here with your cliche feel-good-rom-com drama.

Can you guess what drama will we be recommending today? Okay, let's give you some hints...it’s a drama that will stir up your mind, leaving you with nothing but the wonderment of questions as well as some reality checks.

Yes, it’s a crime thriller with a pinch of fantasy. 

This year a lot of Korean crime thrillers came that were among the best and most trending list of dramas. But the drama we are going to review has just finished airing a few days ago and we bet it’s on your list of must-watch dramas as well. 



Drama name: Again my life

Directed by: Han Chul-soo, Kim Yong-min

Written by: J, Kim Yul 

Network: SBS TV 

Original Release: April 8 – May 28, 2022

No. of Episodes: 16 

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Fantasy 

Language: Korean  

Platforms to Watch: Viki, Telegram, Dramacool 

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The drama is set in the world filled with prosecutions and corruption, portraying the cruel reality of the world. Most of the characters in the drama have a very bold and ambitious side which makes the drama even more interesting.

If you're looking for something unpredictable, thrilling and suspenseful, this drama will match all the categories. If you have liked Flower of Evil or Devil Judge you are going love this drama.



(Lee Joon Gi) playing the role of Kim he woos the male lead, a prosecutor who believes in law and justice. During his investigation, he suspects the politician Cho Tae Sub (Lee Kyung Young), the icon of trust and purity who is favoured by the whole country, as a suspect of corruption. However, before he could finish his investigation he gets killed by a mysterious man.  

When he thought he was dead and can't do anything he realised that he travelled back to the time when he was 19. While trying to discover who's the person that happened to kill him in his previous life, he encounters a lot of old faces that he knew. He accidentally meets Kim Hee Ah (Kim Eun Ji) an intelligent young woman who happens to be the youngest daughter of the Cheonha group, one of the wealthiest families in Korea. Later it came to his knowledge that Kim Hee Ah also doesn't believe in the fake image of Cho Tae Sub as he wants to acquire the Cheonha group. 

Kim Hee, whose goal was to bring down Cho Tae Sub and show his real face to everyone, starts to make his way with little steps. 


But the question that arises is whether will he be successful or will he meet the same fate again as in his previous life?

This drama is a perfect combination of suspense and mystery that will stir your mind upside down. If you're looking for something to spice up your mood and that would keep instilling questions in your head about what's going to happen next then we have the best drama for you here. 

If you're looking for a drama that will remain engraved in your mind all the time and keep you guessing even during your school hours, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your snacks ready and watch Lee Joon-gi being the snack that he is.

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