5 shows to watch after Twenty Five Twenty One

5 shows to watch after Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One has been the go-to drama of all the K-Drama lovers for the past couple of weeks. From the constant struggles towards their success to the heartbreaking happy and yet not-so happy ending. The drama portrayed love that grows, heals as well as knows when to let go which is rarely ever seen in romance dramas and it surely left us all with heartbreak but their professional success surely put smiles on our faces.


As heartwarmingly wholesome as the entire journey was, it left us with a heartache that will remain hauntingly real for us for a long time. Now, we can't ease the pain of an ending not so happy but we surely can provide you with the tissues of new dramas to binge on.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

weightlifting- fairy kim -bok- joo

Kim Bok Joo, a professional weightlifter meets her childhood mate, Jung Joon Hyung, at the most unexpected time and place. The two share a loving and bullying relationship as they keep running into each other. Jung Joon Hyung is a professional swimmer studying at the same college. Both the athletes fight for their dreams together and share a beautiful relationship that only grows stronger with time. We love ourselves some Nam Joo-hyuk and his support for his women in sports and this definitely ends with happy tears so you may rest assured.

Fight for my way


The two close friends Choi Ae-rim and Dong Man are both struggling to make it in their respective fields and as their struggles become more and more real, they find comfort in each other. Their close friendship turns into one of our all-time favourite romantic relationships. The drama is inspired by a real story which only makes us fall in love with the characters even more.

Run On


Ki Seon Gyeom, a celebrity track star falls head over heels for a translator Oh Mi Joo. If you loved the romance in Twenty-Five Twenty-One, you should bring your tissues before you play this one because there is no drama that portrays love more beautifully than this one. Dramas tend to make love very selfish but Run On is the perfect example of balancing the love that those two share for each other with the love they have for themselves. You see their personal and professional struggles as they constantly hold on to their love.

Racket boys


The Netflix drama revolves around badminton and as bland as that might sound at first, there are beautiful friendships and constant pitfalls resulting in some really commendable and inspiring character development. Yun Hae-Kang, a promising young baseball player finds himself stuck when he is forced to play badminton by his father. As the show progresses, real friendships, as well as love blossom in the air and we, are all here for it. A sports drama with just the right amount of comic aspect to keep you binge-watching the entire season.

Record of Youth


Sa Hye Jun, a make-up artist, finds herself drawn to a model Sa Hye-jun despite his lesser popularity, she remains a true stan who ends up as a successful one eventually as the both of them find themselves falling for each other more and more so as they work together. Both of them remain true to their goals and fail to give up no matter what hits them. Their passion for their work does not let their passion for love dull even after years. The Park Bo-gum drama has been filmed beautifully with compassionate characters that only learn from their mistakes and get up to strike again and only harder.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One might have ended without the happy ever after but it did set the bar too high for love. It taught us the value individuality holds and however much it makes us cry, it is a lesson we have never seen in a K-Drama before and for that, we really are grateful.

Tune in on Wednesday for yet another fun blog from Karnival and make sure you leave comments to let us know how you feel about the ending.

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