5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Business Proposal

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Business Proposal

The Netflix K-Drama has recently been gaining the attention of K-drama fans worldwide for a lot of reasons and if you are still sceptical about starting the series, here are give reasons why you shouldn’t wait another second before jumping the ship has already started sailing.


The Romance


Kang Tae-mu (played by Ahn Hyeo- seop) is a workaholic chaebol who somehow ends up hiring Shin Ha-ri (played by Kim Sejeong) to pretend to be his girlfriend, Shin Ha-ri is actually an employee in his own company but due to a huge misunderstanding, they end up pretending to be going on dates. Now, as a K-Drama fan, I don’t know much about real-life dating for very obvious reasons but the way Kang Tae-mu looks at Shin Ha-ri is no pretence. If you have made your own K-Drama romance checklist then I bet you’d be ticking o 95% of the things in this drama. From the dramatic fall to tying the shoelace, this drama hits all the right romance spots.

The OSTs


The whole K-Drama experience is nothing without the beautiful and perky OSTs that make us cry and smile at the same time and the tracklist for this drama covers artists like Bambam, Victon, Lee Mujin, and MeloMance. All of the OSTs are not only heart uttering but also one of the bops of K-Dramas. If you are anywhere near the realm of the audience that likes Dramas based on the OSTs, this will definitely serve you right.

The Double Couple


The heartbreak of having our second leads being left alone by the main leads has always been overwhelming but Netflix has been a saviour and served us with Dramas that don’t just toss aside the second leads after having served the purpose of plot development and actually lets us live the joy of seeing the supporting characters build a relationship of their own. As vital as the main couple is for the show, the supporting characters are just as significant for the audience and Business Proposal definitely did justice to the character developments of the supporting characters.


The Drama in K-Drama

We have seen multiple K-Dramas blowing our minds away with their overdramatic settings, plot and acting but nothing matches Business Proposal. The Drama in K-Drama stands for Business Da Proposal. From the dramatic falls to the dramatic dialogues, the DRAMA has definitely done its job right. It's these nonsensical ways of the show that has everyone rolling on the floor laughing. If you are a Waikiki fan, you must remember that sick Drama that was running in between the show. Business Proposal has something very similar going on, only that the Drama in this Drama is a lot like the story of the main leads which only makes it funnier and dramatic on an unusual level.

The ‘Oh My Gosh’

There is nothing more appealing to K-Drama fans than the little English moments we get on the rarest of occasions but thankfully, there are toons in this one, The whole Oh My Gosh saga keeps getting better and better every week even though the character seems to not have a lot of influence on the plot, it seems to add a lot of comic value to it. And watching Ahn Hyo-seop converse in English is just a chef’s kiss.

If you are still not convinced to watch the K-Drama, I repeat, Ahn Hyo-seop is a chaebol who falls for a common girl while pretending to be her boyfriend in the most beautiful and hilarious way. Let us know how you like Business Proposal and what K-Dramas are you currently obsessed with, in the comments. 

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My heart broken 💔 i just watched 8 episode and not getting the other 4….. Telegram no Netflix 😫


Indeed…. The cliffhanger situation…. Can’t actually wait for its 8th episode already… But makes my heart cry coz it has only 12 episode 😭🤧


This blog totally reflects the actual drama! ❤️💜


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