10 K-pop songs that need to be in your summer playlist

10 K-pop songs that need to be in your summer playlist

Summer is here! The long evening walks, hanging out with friends during vacations and eating ice-cream are some of the things most of us associate with summer. But, summertime would be incomplete without a playlist that you can vibe to whether you are at home, chilling in front of the air conditioner or going on a long drive with your friends.

Here are 10 k-pop songs that we think would be perfect for your summer playlist:

Surfin’ – Stray Kids

Album: NO EASY (2021)

Surfin’ by Stray Kids (Lee Know, Changbin, Felix) is the perfect song for you if you are someone who loves chilling by the water during summers. The song has a fun vibe and can surely put you in a cheerful mood at any time of the day. The music makes you want to dance along each time you hear the song.

Butter – BTS

Album: Butter (2021)

You already know your summer playlist would be incomplete without this absolutely iconic song, Butter by BTS. The song radiates such a happy vibe and the music can always make you feel really lively and energetic.


Album: The Dream Chapter: STAR (2019)
Blue Orangeade by TOMORROW X TOGETHER is such a refreshing song and will be a great addition to your summer playlist. The song radiates a very fun and colourful energy which captivates.

Ice Cream - BLACKPINK, Selena Gomez

Album: THE ALBUM (2020)

The song Ice Cream by BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez is the perfect song to keep you cool even during the hot summer. The song has a very cool vibe and the cheerful music radiates joy. The music video can make you crave ice cream desperately so watch at your own risk.

Dolphin – OH MY GIRL

Album: NONSTOP (2020)

Dolphin by OH MY GIRL is an extremely catchy song which you should definitely add to your k-pop summer playlist. The song and the music really draws you in and you can’t help but play this song on repeat.

After School – Weeekly

Album: We Play (2021)

The song After School by Weeekly would be a perfect fit for a day out or while you are just chilling with your friends. The song has a very cute and fun vibe and you can always count on this song to lift up your mood.

Fancy – TWICE

Album: FANCY YOU (2019)

An iconic song by TWICE, Fancy, which can always put you in a good mood should definitely be added to your summer playlist. The song is so refreshing with lively music which fills you up with joy and can always make you want to dance along.

Utopia – ATEEZ

Album: TREASURE EP.3: One To All (2019)

Utopia by ATEEZ is an extremely amazing song and would be a great addition to your k-pop summer playlist. The song is extremely beautiful and captivating and really draws you in.PARTY – Girls’ Generation Album: Lion Heart (2015)

Partying during summer would not feel right without the song PARTY by Girls’ Generation, perfect song for your party nights! The song is so lively and radiates such a fun and happy energy which can always make you feel refreshed.

Summertime – THE BOYZ

Album: DREAMLIKE (2019)

The song Summertime by THE BOYZ is indeed a really beautiful song for a beautiful summer. The song has such a lovely and melodious vibe which makes you want to listen to it on repeat all day long.

We hope you enjoyed reading, don’t forget to add these amazing k-pop songs to your summer playlist! Let us know in the comments below which k-pop songs are you vibing to this summer.

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