BTS Purple Oceanic Scrunchie

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Emmerse yourself in the ocean of love 

Made from silky smooth satin fabric in a shade of celestial purple that will blend into your hair and amp your style.

Crafted around a durable and soft elastic, the scrunchie will keep your hair tidy and in place while being super comfortable for wearing all day. Whether you want to wear it as a top knot, pony tail, braid, messy bun or a bracelet (which is the case most of the times!) this is the best hair accessory for you!

If you love BTS or cute hair accessories then it's a perfect addition to your fandom collection.

In-house original design made with 💜 by our Daebak aka super awesome design team


Size- Large

Fabric- Premium Stain

Printed fabric and handmade

Fabric Care

Machine Wash: Wash on a normal cycle up to a temperature of 60 ° (Recommend Hand Washing to ensure a longer lifespan)

Do not tumble dry, iron, treat with bleach or dry clean

Please Note: Colours may slightly vary depending on your screen brightness. 

Actual product specifications may vary +/-10%

Note by the K-Design Team:

Countless sleepless nights, creative burnouts, a gazillion reiterations, lots of k-pop, and k-drama OST, and a few months later here we are with our designs. 

PS: Huge shoutout to our audience for co-creating products with us and helping us on this journey.

We hope you enjoy them!